Thursday, January 30, 2014

Justin Trudeau's Bold Masterstroke On Senate Issue Makes Him A Super Genius

"Well a lot of them are going to die soon, anyway." 
If Justin Trudeau is able to piss further, it is by standing on the shoulders of such giants as Pericles and George Washington.

In what is considered by just about every single Canadian media's analysis a "bold move", Justin Trudeau just removed senators from the Liberal caucus.  No other adjective can describe this action as the CBC, the Canadian Press, the Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail,  Vancouver Sun, The Province, the Regina Leader-Post, the Chronicle Herald, the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen and more are unanimous in characterizing this political maneuver.

Why is it "bold"? We know it's "bold" because Justin Trudeau said it was "bold"

Press Gallery's job: eat, sleep, rave [about Trudeau], repeat.

The consequence of this "bold move" is this: Liberal Senators will cease to exist and will henceforth be called the Senate Liberals. But nothing will change in practical matters. I think they're even keeping a Whip in their Senate caucus. But Justin Trudeau won't be sitting with them once a week...

What boldness! Remember, when running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau suggested that an elected Senate was a "terrible idea" and that 12 year appointments were the way to go.

So his recipe for the Senate reform remains to name unethical, unelected and unaccountable party hacks and bagmen to the Red Chamber but not have them sit in the Liberal caucus. Bold!

You know what wouldn't have been bold? Follow through on his Liberal Party leader election commitment to "develop the party's platform from the bottom up, based on consultations from Liberals in particular and Canadians in general." After all, The Party's annual convention which deals with policy initiatives is happening next month. It would be a great way to issue your proposal and see democracy in action as it's debated by the party faithful. But that wasn't bold enough for you, was it? You devised the whole thing with your most trusted and closest advisers only.

I guess you weren't really kidding when you said you admire the "basic dictatorship" of China. Say what you will about China but they are bold!

A not-so-bold report in the Hill Times does have another intriguing possibility about the motivations behind this bold move. It could be that as the Auditor General report will come out and lay out how Senate Liberals are sharing resources with their much-diminished brothers and sisters in the Lower House. The result being that the Liberals in the House of Commons have been using funds from the Senate and not adhering to their own resources.

Well, in the case of Senate Liberals, when Justin Trudeau tried to have them abstain from the vote that would suspend Senators Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin, they ignored him altogether.

And his "bold move" looks a lot like a the NDP motion to end Senate partisanship that he voted against late last year.

So in ignoring the grassroots, going forward with a move that is inconsequential, praise be to Trudeau and his boldness.

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  1. It'll take Canadian Liberals 5 years to figure out a Justin government is appointing Liberal senators that display a no name label. It'll be hard for Mulcair to abolish the senate but it has to be done.