Friday, June 28, 2013

Escorts, Cross-Dressing and Extortion: The Story of Laval Mayor Alexandre Duplessis

Pictured: Alexandre Duplessis in a more demure outfit.
Who knew Canadian municipal politics could be this much fun? Meet Alexandre Duplessis, the mayor of Laval who was sworn in last November to take over for the previous mayor, Gilles Vaillancourt, who resigned from his job when charged by police with gangsterism. It's alleged that the former mayor demanded a 2.5% cut of all construction contracts in the city.

The new mayor's attempt to rebuild the confidence of public officials was dealt a setback at the beginning of the month when the Quebec government placed the third largest city in the province under third party management. This came about when the political inquiry into corruption heard testimony from the former agent of Duplessis's political party (PRO des Lavallois Party), Jean Bertrand, testifying that Duplessis participated in illegal financing.

With all these accusations swirling in Laval, Duplessis would have been lucky to get off without incident. Unfortunately for him, the mayor couldn't do that without it leading to a police investigation.

Yesterday, reports of the Laval mayor Alexandre Duplessis surfaced revealing that he had filed charges against two escorts for extortion. The details into the matter haven't been forthcoming from the mayor but TVA's intrepid crime beat reporter Claude Poirier has been on the case.

In his telephone interview with the cousin of the escort's female friend that was driving to the destination, things got a little weird.

The woman alleges that the escort received a text that the politician was dressed as a woman and wanted the escort to apply his makeup during their amorous encounter. Through supposed misunderstandings, the man would have been spooked by that cousin's phone call when she wanted to go meet with him again to pick-up her mistakingly discarded cell phone. He would have then dropped off the escort at a convenience store without making it rain for services rendered.  The escort agency defended the escort's right to a fair wage as they felt that the man had done her dirty and insisted on the payment. Agreement on said payment was reached by phone and the exchange in funds would take place through an envelope left out on his balcony available for pickup. When collection of the money was attempted, no envelope was present. Further haggling took place until payment was delivered to the escort's  residence along with charges of extortion and prostitution. Her friend was charged as well. 

The mayor has not commented publicly on these allegations that include his use of escorts, his cross-dressing or that he gets sexually aroused when a woman applies makeup on him.

Edit: On Friday, after denying receiving any favours of a sexual nature, the mayor of Laval has refused to step down. Furthermore, the head of the escort agency stated that the prostitute's time with the mayor was spent trying women's underwear on one another and drinking white wine. 

Edit #2: A few hours later, the mayor of Laval decided to step down. It might have something to do with sending text messages to prostitutes he supposedly never met.


  1. Is there anyone left in Quebec muni politics who isn't bent?

    1. The anti-corruption task force has been busy and will continue to be busy. Municipal politics is the great bastion of self-important, unaccountable loons.